5/8/2017 - Start of the game

Today is the day i started working on the game, i came up with the idea when i saw somebody on YouTube making small experimental games. Thinking to myself ''i want to make something like this as well'' i soon started brainstorming for ideas. As soon as i got the idea and discussed it more in detail with a friend i immediately got started with a sprite for Dale Cooper. This was a fairly easy task since i have some leftover sprites from an unfulfilled project i was working on and they served as great templates. Same thing goes for the engine, everything what i needed was already in place from the previous project i was working on. So all i needed to do was just delete any references to the old project and i was ready to begin. The name was fairly easy made up, i looked on google for ''Twin Peaks quotes'' and quickly saw the quote ''I have no idea where this will lead us, but i have a feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange'', i was instantly hooked on the name ''Wonderful and Strange'' After putting the finished Dale Cooper sprites in the game and making a test room i decided to spend the rest of my time working on the main menu background which is attached to this post. I also made a HD version meant for the Itch.io page of the game. My next objective is making the sprites for the floors and such.

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