9/9/2017 - A month later

It's been almost a month since i started the project. I've begun to notice that coming up with different rooms is way harder than i originally envisioned. Making a single room usually takes up 1-3 hours to fully finish. This includes making the sprites, the actual room itself, finding fitting sound effects and/or music and making the scripting work (if the room is really complex).

I think I'll have a hard time making up to 50 rooms in 1 or 2 months time. My original plan was to have 50 rooms and 10 endings, currently i have 7 rooms with 1 room a WIP, and 3 finished endings with 2 endings WIP. So i decided that I'll reduce the scope for the initial release.

Instead of 50 rooms I'll have 25.

Instead of 10 endings I'll do 5 (maybe 6 or 7 depending on if i find something interesting in that time)

This way i can release the game earlier, while it still being something which has enough content for discussion surrounding what different players have seen in their playthroughs. Every playthourgh you'll visit 10 rooms before getting the ''canon'' ending automatically. So with 25 rooms each player would aproximately have 3 playthroughs before having seen it all.

If i was really hardcore about the whole community aspect i would make it so that you could play the game only once or twice, but i feel like that's too much for a small indie game which might not garner that much attention.

After i released the game i'll try to work on the rest of the 25 rooms and release it as an update so that the game would be complete to how i originally imagined the game to be. However stuff can change, i might get bored of the game or i may have moved on to a newer project. But for now that is the plan.


Wonderful and Strange Build 2.7z 61 MB
Sep 08, 2017

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