13/8/2017 - 1 Week in development

It's been a little over a week now and I've made quite a lot of progress in that time, not only did i finish all the sprites for the characters and the walls and objects in the red room. I've also managed to finish the intro, now i can start making the individual rooms that make up the rest of the game. For character portraits I've used screenshots of the characters in the show, not only does this make it easier to recognize the characters in their pixel art form. It also gives the game a ''movie licensed handheld game'' feel. What i mean by this is that in movie games, often for story scenes they would just use compressed screenshots of the movie. For example the Elf game for game boy advance seen below

I'm sure there's an better example than this but this is the only game i could think of at the spot that does this. Also different character actions use screenshots from the show, for example when Laura Palmer does the thing with her hands where it looks like a tree.
Anyway for the music I'll use mostly music from the show itself, however i plan on asking a few friends if they want to make music for the credits for different endings in the game. I got this idea from the latest season of Twin Peaks where almost every episode would have a new band play the song for the credits.
Anyway that's it for now, there is some stuff i could go more in depth to but I'll leave that for devlogs specifically for those things (like i did with the floor tiles)

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